Transparency matters when it comes to how you get information. Building your trust in quality journalism means being open about why Nupinion shows you specific news and where our ratings come from.


More sources means more perspectives.

Nupinion Beta is built on a variety of global sources aggregated according to the demands of our users. We currently avoid blogs and favour news organisations with established journalistic standards. A full list of included sources will be available soon online.

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Credibility ratings prioritise quality journalism.

Nupinion Beta tags each source with a credibility rating to help you validate the information reported. We are working on credibility ratings based on context-sensitive analysis of information across entire outlets. We currently use the OpenSources ratings.

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Bias ratings help you explore a story.

Nupinion Beta tags each source with a bias rating to help you explore different perspectives easily. We are working on bias ratings built on analysis of the language used in articles and the position taken on major political issues. We currently use the AllSides Bias Rating.

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The boards you follow determine the news you see in Nupinion. Nupinion prioritises articles in each board according to how relevant they are to the topic and how recently they were published. It then cycles through sources to help you get a broader perspective.

Your home feed brings updates from all your boards into one place. Articles shown in your home feed cycle through your boards. Three articles from each board are shown together to try and show you an article from each side of the political spectrum before moving to the next topic.

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